RE: iPhone Apps; Let’s Just Say

Just found on the Apple apps storefront: 


Let’s just say that new iPhone / iPod touch applications are flooding in, as we speak.

And it’s getting a little awkward / absurd.


4 Responses to “RE: iPhone Apps; Let’s Just Say”
  1. Melissa says:

    i am laughing out loud right now. 🙂 what will apple think of next??

  2. D.L.S. says:

    i love it!

    Why listen to your body when you can just listen to your iphone?!

  3. brian says:

    Oh! I must get one of those trackers so that I know when to be extra sensitive to Tracy and understand why she is crying for no particular reason!!!!!!

  4. drastrelli says:

    This post compelled me to go on and look at all the crazy applications one can put on an iPhone…then, I really wanted one…and I’m trying not to… Coveting….tis addictive.

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