Dear Self, You are Healthier when you Write

Nelly Rose, please blog on the following topics soon because they are on your mind:

1. Why I am still in school though I graduated in June.

2. Proposition 8 and the denial of America’s post-Christendom.

3. That great quote on great sex / generosity.

4. Sex, Singleness, and Healthy ways to be naked.

5. Quick review of the new iPod touch 2nd generation.

6. Top albums of my 28th year / Answering Carrie’s question at dinner Sunday night.

7. Why bicycles should have powerful horns to honk.

8. If the Church embraced innovation as does Steve Jobs, then…

9. Shameless birthday-present ask RE: Pasadena half-marathon.

4 Responses to “Dear Self, You are Healthier when you Write”
  1. John Heasley says:

    I am strangely looking forward to healthy ways to be naked, as I always seem to get this wrong.

  2. tony sheng says:

    looking fwd to #2 and #8.

  3. Whitney says:

    ooh good topics. Can’t wait to read what you have to say (or actually, write) =)

  4. Maria says:


    ready – set – write!!! yay – i love your ponderings…

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