[Holga] For Elise, on her 21st


It is just past 22:00, love. Soon the late-night shwarma stand will be open down the street at Carcavelos beach.  Let’s go.  I’ll buy you an imperial.

4 Responses to “[Holga] For Elise, on her 21st”
  1. Oh but don’t go without us! There’s a whole Borden family in a fabulous old Peugeot surf wagon that are hankering after a midnight snack with our Lisboa ladies 🙂

    Happy Birthday Week to Ms. Elise!

  2. dominique says:

    this made me smile. Jenelle you are a good sister.

    And HAPPY BIRTDAYs to Elise!!
    looking forward to seeing both ladies this weekend!

  3. Marty says:

    Shwarma at Carc, yah, I’m heading out now. Hope to see ya’ll there

  4. tomdurkin1 says:

    I really like this shot, the tones are excellent! Well done 🙂

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