Plodting Mc – Cain

I tried this new thing called Plodt today as I Tweeted the Debate.  It let me rate McCain and Obama between 1-10 at different parts of the debate, and then my rating showed up in real time on this cute graph.

Then, my answers were also plodted on a happy graph of everyone else Tweeting the debate.

My thoughts on the matter:

1. No surprise at the results:

2. Because more young people tend to Tweet and support Obama.  And John McCain is happy to not use email, or “a google.”

3. I wonder about my accidentally typing “Mc Cain” twice in my tweets.

4. This was likely a McDonaldization of Society meets Genesis-ian slip.  Oops.

5. All of this rating from 1-10 reminded me of the “highs/lows” we used to do at our Thursday night dinner/tea/study thing in Portugal.

3 Responses to “Plodting Mc – Cain”
  1. Practically speaking, McCain doesn’t need any internet knowledge at all since I’m certain he has plenty of aids and staff members to do every kind of research or other search that might require internet know-how.

    Sadly, though, it does make him seem like a museum piece and it leaves everyone under the age of about 40 wondering if he understands the world we live in.

  2. Nice – I like that site. I couldn’t believe the rating spread on that.

  3. Estee says:

    hey Jenelle 🙂
    remember me- from IHOP? i lost your e-mail, could you shoot me a line at… I wanted to connect with you again and wondering if you know my friend Jaeson Ma at Fuller..

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