Absence Confessions / I Twitter / Debate 08

Well, hello.  I’ve come back home to blogging.  I have been absent.  Life has been whacky-packed-y.  

But, I must confess.  In my WordPressed absence, I found Twitter.

Twitter is a room for blinged-out status-updates. Twitter makes you think in no more than 140 characters at a time.  It is an interesting new place for creativity and expression.

Twitter lets me offer my insta-commentary on the Debates, in real time!  

Twitter lets me share quotes and good books.  Twitter tells me what my friends in Prague are thinking at three oh one p.m.  Twitter tells me when my friends in Pasadena are lecturing on postmodernity.  Most assuredly…Twitter makes me laugh aloud when I sometimes read what FakeSarahPalin is thinking.  

(Eat your heart out, Tina Fey.)

One Response to “Absence Confessions / I Twitter / Debate 08”
  1. yea, twitter. It can help satisfy the blogger in you without having to think out whole posts.

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