I Remember Tambourines As Freedom

I remember learning at a very young age–via tambourines, churchy things, and Mama–that God likes it when we are uninhibited.  I learned it first when talking/singing/dancing to Jesus.  But now I also see it as a breathing proverb that stretches out lengthily through our days.

(Photo of Mute Math by Rico Moran)

4 Responses to “I Remember Tambourines As Freedom”
  1. from de Cafe says:

    du u have 2 4get b4 u can remember?

    you make coffee 4 a living!? lucky u!!
    i hope it’s not 4 starbigbucks. otherwise, good luck in a wunderful career!

  2. Jenelle says:

    @ from de Cafe
    Hello there. I do suppose remembering wins the arm-wrestle with forgetting. I spent a month of “remembers” as a way of resting, taking sabbath from the usual way of doing things. I think that’s healthy.

    No no, I do not work at Starbucks. I work at a little mom-n-pop joint in downtown Pasadena. It is fun.

  3. Rachel! says:

    Hey! That’s my future husband!

  4. DarrELLEeeeee says:

    HAVE YOU EVER SEEN mute math live? do you listen to them or just enjoy the picture? because they are NUTS nelly like, so so so good. ahhhhh lovely.

    are you going to conor oberst next week? much love.

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