I Remember Making “the Switch”

I remember saying in the days and months following 9/11 that I wanted to design a t-shirt.  It would read:

“Gas ain’t cheap, honey, but this country is fueled by fear.”

It bothered me.  (Those were the days when gas was cheap, and Americans overused it as much as we do today.)  I remembering strongly disagreeing with the war from its start, though I’d admittedly voted for George W. in the first term.  I remember living in Europe and seeing first-hand the way our standing in the world was crippled by our unilateral action in Iraq.

I remember how my political leanings slowly changed as I deconstructed my once-Republican roots.  I remember being disturbed by how incomplete is the traditional Republican “pro-life” stance in its blatant disregard for the poor, the now-born-but-still-underprivileged.  (I am still pro-life, but in a much larger sense.)  I remember getting angry when the Jesus-y people insinuated it was unChristian to vote Democrat.

I remember first registering as a Democrat, making the switch.  It was around the same time I’d switched from PC to Apple, incidentally.

(Poster made by amoeba891 for Design for Obama)

8 Responses to “I Remember Making “the Switch””
  1. Sarah says:


    I love this – you are awesome. I love how you said Jesus-y. I love how you switched to Mac right when you switched to democrat! I love your reasons….


  2. we have 6 macs in our family. what does this tell you about us?

    i remember nights of conversation around amazing food at our sojo circle.

    i remember how those nights helped me mature.

  3. Jenelle says:

    @ Sarah
    You were my freshman and sophomore collegiate roommate and you found me! Thanks for your nice words. For the record, I make the comment about the Jesus-y people because I am one. I just disagree with some of them on politics and the poor.

    @ Lisa
    I really miss those Sojourners groups in Cascais, too. I really didn’t just go for Jon Luxton’s food, though I know Jon thinks I did! I feel like I matured in those talks, too.

  4. drastrelli says:

    how can I get one of those shirts?

    seriously. 🙂

  5. JR Rozko says:

    I want some more reflection on this correlation; I know there’s something to it, I just know it.

  6. Jenelle says:

    @ Megan
    Thanks! Always nice to see you nice Euro-CA folks traveling around blogdom.

    Let’s put our noggins together and find someone to screen them for us. !

    Oh…you read between the lines. 🙂 I’d say that open-source computing somehow leads to open-source economics. You know, wealth-distribution.

  7. DarrELLEeeeee says:

    i registered libertarian.


    : )

    love to you.

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