I Remember UMBC Womens’ Golf 1998-2002 [God Rest Her Soul]

I remember winning an important golf tournament in high school, and hoping for a college scholarship.  I remember being very disappointed that it never materialized.  I remember people in my town yelling at me for choosing a university with no womens’ golf team.  I remember freshman year at UMBC: missing golf, writing newspaper articles covering the mens’ team, and then interviewing Coach Kotten.

I remember how the infant womens’ golf team materialized like manna falling from heaven, along with that scholarship.  I remember four years with those outstanding girls on the team: driving, chipping, putting, laughing.  (We laughed harder at ourselves and each other than any Division I NCAA team in history, I am sure.)

I remember the ridiculous songs I sang on road trips to tournaments.  I remember three-putting a lot.  I remember wearing fuzzy blue hats and candy-necklaces on the course for golf team spirit.  I particularly remember how impossibly unpredictable was my golf-game, from one day to the next.  But we were happy to be in the game.

I remember, days before my graduation, when it was announced that the men and womens’ golf teams were to be put to rest, so that mens’ lacrosse and basketball could thrive.  And we were sad.

2 Responses to “I Remember UMBC Womens’ Golf 1998-2002 [God Rest Her Soul]”
  1. Pat Kotten says:

    Bless you. There isn’t a day that passes without my thoughts turning to that team. (Teresa had a hole in one a few weeks back!) I miss all of you, and am proud of how you all are turning out. I found one of those left over candy necklaces in a box last week.

  2. Freedgirl says:

    We’re joining a gym near our house. It’s been a long time since I’ve done any lifting. I’m not looking forward to the inevitable dumb legs!

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