I Remember Singing With Katie, in 10th Grade

I remember listening to this 10,000 Maniacs song over and over and over with my best friend Katie, and us trying to get the harmony just right.  We loved this song because it was so 1995, and the words are pretty.  It reminded us that, well, we were making memories.  These are the days, you.

Memory books and photographs and yearbook ink–those high school years sought so hard after things to remember.  Those days were good, yes.  But I’m glad to feel just a bit more comfortable in my own skin, these days.  Oh!  the insecurity parades of teen-dom!

(After all these years, I’d never seen this cheesed-out video!)

One Response to “I Remember Singing With Katie, in 10th Grade”
  1. drastrelli says:

    I’m staying in a hostel in Strasbourg right now that, it turns out, is hosting about 400 high schoolers in tour groups. They are everywhere! And I have had the same thoughts. They are cute, but all the talking behind one another’s backs and the uncomfortability of just figuring out onesself…it is good to be in my 20’s…with a whole new set of challenges! haha….

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