I Remember Learning That Prayer Ought Not Be Boring

prayer graffiti from a 24-7 prayer room in Portugal

prayer graffiti from a 24-7 prayer room in Portugal

It happened in a tiny room, on the second floor of an office, in 2004.  We’d transformed a veritable four-walled cubicle into a cathedral, as we set aside a space for our first 24-7 prayer experiment.   And I learned that when a community attempts to cover every hour in prayer–for one full week–that things happen.  I remember what God said to me on day three at four am, and how I scribbled that Scripture on the wall in blue pastel.

I remember first hearing Pete Greig’s “The Vision” read aloud, and feeling as if the Holy Ghost walked through the room and brushed shoulders with me.  I remember hearing Ben Monteiro’s incredible Portuguese version of The Vision, and feeling as if it didn’t matter that the words were in a foreign tongue. Our Ben had captured it. [Audio https://hellosaidjenelle.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/the-vision-pt.mp3%5D It made me happy that (I’m pretty sure) it was his prayer graffiti that made it to the cover of Brian’s book: The Writing on the Wall: Prayers, Psalms and Laments of the Rising Culture.

4 Responses to “I Remember Learning That Prayer Ought Not Be Boring”
  1. rjohnsjr says:

    The right kind of music during prayer time can make it much more inspirational… http://www.musictorprayby.com

  2. psalm18chick says:

    i really want to make a prayer graffiti wall.

    oh, and i heard you might get a kick out of this…



    i like to think of it as your bike’s east coast counterpart.

  3. john heasley says:

    I recognised the picture, I was not aware where it came from, very cool.

  4. Melissa says:

    i remember the graffitti prayer room in your sao juao apartment. i got some of the best sleep i’ve ever known in that room…

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