I Remember São João, Apt. 2 Esquerda

I remember listening to this song with you as we ate long meals together, well after 21:00. I remember living much of this song as we spent those days and years of our early middle twenties in Portugal. It was hard, and it was good.  And there were others who crowded ’round that table with us, and they joined in.

[click the button to play]

I remember in 2003 when this “Ohio” double-CD came to our mailbox. I split open the package, listened to the whole thing and wept, right next to our floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. The windows were open. There was a sundown breeze coming in from the ocean. And this was the opening song.

[click the button to play this one, too.]

4 Responses to “I Remember São João, Apt. 2 Esquerda”
  1. Darrrrellllleeeeee says:

    i love love love love love love love love love love that song.

    it was part of a list of songs/artists/albums that sang my anthem this summer.

    its so great.

    i love you and miss you. hopefully i see your face soon.

  2. elise says:

    and i remember playing that second song at pump… an anthem to another season of life

  3. Melissa says:

    i wept when i heard it too.

  4. Rachel says:

    I remember, too.

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