I Remember the Early 80’s

I remember the early 1980s.  We lived in Schenectady, New York.  I needed my “silkie” blanket to fall asleep, and my thumb pacified me.  I was afraid of the sound of sirens.  I wasn’t afraid to spell my entire last name (eleven letters and one apostrophe!) to get my first library card.  I loved walking to the library with Mama because on the way home the nice baker-man would give me a sugar cookie.  Daddy taught me to ride my blue bicycle on the sidewalks of Crane Street.  My first concert was Sesame Street, Live.

We went to a church where the other children danced in the aisles with tambourines as we clapped for God.  I liked to sing, but I didn’t dance much.

Sometimes Mama would tell me to talk to Jesus when I couldn’t fall asleep.  So I did.

One Response to “I Remember the Early 80’s”
  1. john heasley says:

    So simple, I long for simplicity again. Your mama told you to talk to Jesus if you couldn’t sleep, so you did. So simple, so true.

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