September is named “Remember”

Each day this month, I will take another rest from normal blogging.  After I did the Photo A Day February earlier this year, I decided that every seventh month I would take a rest.  And so, each day in September, I will use different mediums to intentionally remember what I have seen God do in my twenty-eight year history.

To take a rest, I will likely try to not use words too often, but to use photos, videos, scraps of paper, little songs, and the like.

I am still waiting to receive my Holga prints in the mail from my days in Prague and Portugal.  (These things take time, take patience.)  I will likely post some of those, as part of the remembering.

One Response to “September is named “Remember””
  1. Melissa says:

    I CANT WAIT !!! 🙂 I love your blogging, but I also love your Sabbaths. It inspires me to rest more. love you nellers – lets catch up soon.

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