@ The LA Human Race 10K

Tonight in Los Angeles, Amy G. and I ran in the Nike plus Human race, along with 12,000 Angelinos, and close to a million other runners around the world.  That’s us, post-race, and post-Kanye’s show-at-the-coliseum.

We came. We saw.  We conquered.

Well, at least we finished.  I managed to run (jog!) the whole way without stopping, so that was good enough for me.  I learned that fettucine alfredo with chicken and sundried tomatoes is not the right thing to eat for lunch on the day of your first 10k.

One Response to “@ The LA Human Race 10K”
  1. Maria says:

    okay – first off – congrats!

    secondly, now i’m really bummed i didn’t do it.

    3rd – you look WAAAAY too good for having just completed that 6.2 mile jog/run… did they have showers at the finish line or something? 😉

    how was Kanye? ha haha

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