Reflection is Good for You

When I lived in Portugal, I used to take a “day away” once a month to do some reflection, journaling, and general soul-caring. It was a requirement for Young Life’s internship, and for that I am so grateful.

I’ve decided to try to start doing this once a month reflection day again. Today is the day. I have a little list of things I might do.

1. Go for a nice long bike ride and/or walk.
2. Read the newspaper.
3. Read old journals.
4. Marinate in the Psalms.
5. Get some perspective on my life, big picture stuff. Scribble notes on napkins and such.
6. Set some little goalies for this next month, tiny picture stuff. Scribble notes on post-its and such.
7. Hopefully work on some old writing that needs new legs. Too much is fast asleep in the basement of my computer files. There is especially this piece on Desire that I started three years ago that needs finishing.
8. Make some envelopes and cards with recycled materials and scissors and glue sticks.

2 Responses to “Reflection is Good for You”
  1. Melissa says:

    lately, I’ve been thinking of how to practicallty work those “reflection days” back into my life as well.

    Man, those were the days when Greg required us to take time to be alone…in Europe no less 🙂 …. I miss that. I need that.

    Bless you in your reflection, dear friend.

  2. Reflection is such a good thing. It’s a discipline we seem to quickly lose in life.

    PS Have sent you a teeny little “Congratulations on your graduation, you wonder-woman, you” gift with Jesse.

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