So I’m trying to get rid of some books. But used books are a pain in the astronaut to sell.

I found this site called Swaptree that is one gigantic virtual (and free) swap-meet. I think it is mediated by internet robots. It sort of goes like this. Names have been changed to protect the populus:

You register the junk you want to get rid of, and then when Bobby in Brooklyn wants one of your items, he’ll click on it. Then you get an email from the Swaptree robots initiating the trade, letting you know what you could get in exchange.  You decide it is a good deal and click “yes.”   And then Veronica in Vegas simultaneously mails you something that you’ve put on your wish-list. You put some stamps on your junk, and a-there-you-go.

It’s all mediated by some weird equation that I think the number geeks call “boolian”–it automagically calculates for you what is a “fair trade” according to current value, and such.

It even told me how many stamps to put on my big red book to Bobby in Brooklyn. Hooray. Soon and very soon I’ll get a “like new” Frou Frou record from Veronica in Vegas.

2 Responses to “Swaptree-ing”
  1. sue says:

    So Cool!
    Kinda funny to see what they think is fair trade. I like it!

  2. Melissa says:

    this makes me smile. i like it too!

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