The Human Race, 31 August 2008

Nike plus is doing this interesting worldwide 10k on Sunday, August 31.  They’re expecting 1 million runners to participate in all sorts of cities around the globe, with portions going to a few different charities.

I’m doing the L.A. one, mostly because it fits in great with my half-marathon training.  And because in L.A. we get free entrance to see Kanye West in the post-race party.

Perhaps you’d like to run with me? ‘Twill be an evening run through the City of Angels.   If not in L.A. than in  the worldwide city of your choice? Madrid, Munich, NYC, Seoul, etc.

One Response to “The Human Race, 31 August 2008”
  1. Melissa says:

    i can’t run with you in LA, but last month i signed up for a 5k in Greenville in October. If i can get through this one, that will be another miracle in mel’s life. i start a 5k training program this weekend. i’ll be with you in spirit, nellers. 🙂

    i miss you. i think i need to start streaming on sabbath too.

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