Name my Baby

Well, ok. I have thus happily purchased my new urbanite vehicle, the Trek ’08 2.1 WSD. In my quest to go car-less in Pasadena, I’m still riding in style.

I went for the next model up, on account of good sales (it’s last year’s model) and all around bang for the buck. I also got 2 U-locks to protect the child. (Thanks, Lisa.)

Me: “So are there especially ‘hot spots’ in the city where I shouldn’t park the bike?”

Pasadena Cyclery Dude: “Um…the whole city?”

He assured me that the 2 U-locks seem to be working for cycling hipsters in NYC, though. If it works in NYC, it should work in Pasadena.

I went for a nice ride yesterday in my new spandex shorts. (Work it. Own it. Love it.) Did you know cycling shorts are replete with padding the shape of a bike seat in the crotch? Peculiar.

Now my vehicle just needs a good name. I think it looks like a cream-cicle, but I’m not sure that works. All suggestions welcome.

9 Responses to “Name my Baby”
  1. elise says:

    Moses- he was quite the traveler

    Ernest (Ernie)- invented the bike pedal

    Madame Souza- the grandma with the whistle in Triplets of Belleville

  2. joy says:

    The first thing that came to mind was Ariel. As in The Little Mermaid. I don’t know why.

  3. Stacey says:

    I vote for Charlie… good for a girl or a boy and an ode to the homeland….. or Boh…. and ode to a different sense of home.

  4. Chris says:

    I like some version of

    “Orange Julius”

    or maybe just “Julius”

  5. Whitney says:

    I vote for Annie =)

  6. cari says:

    Julius. Definitely.

  7. Sue says:

    Julius is great!

  8. Jenny says:

    How about “Cremaliscious”…or “Sicle” short for “Creamsicle”??

  9. Chris says:

    my coworker just said that when she was a little girl she named her bike “Jack” after the hunky ditch digger. Seriously, she did.

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