Slowly Waking Up, in 23 Seconds

Introducing, baby Sofia, at eleven days old. Aunt Nelly cannot stop kissing her.

4 Responses to “Slowly Waking Up, in 23 Seconds”
  1. teeveebee says:

    Ahhh. What a sweetie. I love those little newborn baby squeaky sounds. Makes my mommy heart go pitter patter.

  2. Melissa says:

    oh my goodness!!

  3. Sue says:

    Extremely adorable to watch Sofia wiggle, stretch, and decide, ” Okay, I will just sleep some more before playing with Aunt Nelly.”

  4. Sydney says:


    It was nice to hear from you on my blog! This is the cutest video; I just showed it to my pregnant friend that I work with. She’s due in three months.
    I’m still in KC, working for onething; but my mom forwarded me your letter. I’m so excited for you that you are back in Portugal!

    Talk to you soon!

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