Liberate the Tiny Dancer

I arrived in Monte Estoril this evening with my running shoes ready. The plan was to leave my satchel with friends and then run freely along the ocean. But alas, I was intercepted by peer pressure to go to a hip hop class.

Friends: “Oh, you will sweat so much, we promise! It is really fun.”

Me: “What type of hip hop are we talking about? Bad Portuguese hip hop? Bad American hip hop? How bad will it be, exactly?”

I was sure the music would be varying degrees of awful. Somehow I was persuaded to go along, but only because I like these people so much.

And you know, the music wasn’t that bad, and I was a pretty good hip hop dancer.

If, by “pretty good” you mean, “moving one and a half beats behind and often imitating the awkward movements of amphibious creatures.”

I am fairly sure my tiny dancer has just not yet been released. Yet I am hanging onto the promise that Jesus came to proclaim freedom for all captives. (Amen.)

You may also be keen to know that shaking it like a polaroid picture is purportedly not that effective.

6 Responses to “Liberate the Tiny Dancer”
  1. kelly says:

    I don’t dance. I’m doing a favor to society.

  2. jesse, trevor, darrelle, tait, hunter, bayless + date went dancing last month and is was one of the high points of their summer thus far. i hear they are booked to go again when hunter returns from travels with his sister. too bad darrelle won’t be here.

    as for me, as much as i would love to dance all night, i fear i would embarrass them. i’m not sure 45 yr old mommies are allowed out clubbing.

    resolved, i will keep my dancing in the living room, (but i will be very free therein.)

    and to you i say, “Tiny Dancer! Come forth!”

  3. Maria says:

    dance – run – whatever – just train for that half-marathon.

    can’t wait for your return, we can shake it like a photoshopped (or free version thereof) polaroid picture – together.

  4. Melissa says:

    next time I see you I am going to peer pressure you to a dance with me – i am so glad you had fun, tiny dancer. 🙂

  5. your fellow hip hopper says:

    it wasn’t that bad, was it? i thought you did quite well for your first time- and you did sweat, didn’t you? 🙂 i was glad you came!

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