[15 Juhlo]

Sintra, Portugal. Quinta da Regaleira.

7 Responses to “[15 Juhlo]”
  1. elise says:

    yea yea gimme more ‘dem cobble stoners

    i am (healthily) jealous of you
    kiss baby s.e.h for me too please

  2. teeveebee says:

    Wow, your’re in Portugal. What beautiful photographs. I’ve never visited Portugal, but seeing these images makes me want to someday.

    Enjoy yourself. Relax and enjoy some Fado.

  3. i remember when we first got to portugal in 1999 to visit before we moved there, i thought to myself “honey, you’re not in africa anymore!” such a different kind of beautiful. how wonderful is this world that it holds so many faces of beauty?

  4. Sue says:

    Fresh and Beautiful!! Absolutely breathtaking! Are you sure there wasn’t room for me in your suitcase? Actually, I guess we were in Tahoe when you left. 😦

  5. Maria says:

    um – can i steal these and are they helga’s fashioning?

    if so, she ain’t bad!

  6. Melissa says:

    i am so jealous you’re in portugal.

  7. Darrrrellllleeeeee says:

    mmm i like foot pictures!! yes yes i do! and i like you. and i like your feet. they are cute. uh huh yeah yeah they sure are.

    shoot nel. i need to see you real soon. let the surprise visit to SB be soon and a surprise for me kay? : )


    live live live

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