[Aunt Nelly Does Backflips Through the Living Room]

I just received an email from Prague that makes me want to (learn how to) do backflips. Our dear Jane is now home safe with her new baby, Sofia!

Sofia Elizabeth was born on Saturday July 12th, at 3pm. She measures in at 3.3 kg and 51cm.

If you didn’t know, Jane and I were once teammates here in Portugal. We were Young Life interns and roommates, and we had a life-changing two years together. But we became friends eleven (eleven?) years ago at Young Life’s Lake Champion. She and Martin are two of the most outstanding people that I know.

Dear Sofia, Aunt Nelly loves you a whole ocean wide, already. I will see you and kiss your forehead in one week. (You can teach me how to say that in Czech, in a year or two.) And I like your pretty Portuguese name.

One Response to “[Aunt Nelly Does Backflips Through the Living Room]”
  1. Oh this is SUCH wonderful news! Hurray for babies!

    (And I have to say that I love that view into Carey’s kitchen. I miss all Uhler people!)

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