I Love Too Many Time Zones

Here I am in London on a heinous seven-hour lay-over on my way to Lisbon. I have that happy nausea feeling that comes from the sketch-sleep you get on aeroplanes, or from collegiate all-nighters.   (Or maybe it is the man sitting five, six, seven, eight seats away from me with his shoes off.  His feet smell like a variety of rotten cheeses.)   But soon I will be back in Portugal for a week’s holiday, and all will be esta bem.

I love people in too many time zones.

I hope that one day when I get married my man will understand that our main expenditure has to be travel. Not for the sake of jet-setting, either, but for the investment of relationships across time-zones. I mean, I hope he’s saving for that now, or something.

2 Responses to “I Love Too Many Time Zones”
  1. Jen says:

    I hope he’s saving for it now too 🙂 Give Jas a big hug for me….and do a run to the cross for old times sake!

  2. spain dad says:

    Welcome back to the continent!

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