Light Leaks and All, We Just Need Duct Tape

There are always skeptics, I know.

But I’ve got faith, you know.

5 Responses to “Light Leaks and All, We Just Need Duct Tape”
  1. teeveebee says:

    I had no idea what a Holga was until I read your latest posts. So now I’ve done a little research and I am only more curious than before. Can’t wait to see some of your pics!

  2. Jenelle says:

    I am glad that your curiosity was piqued. So is mine. I can’t wait to find somewhere to get my film developed quickly. I wish I had a darkroom.

  3. D Small says:

    I like that you had to use a digital camera to take pictures of you and Holga together.

  4. Spence says:

    I like the Holga! She’s cute and fun. Have a blast with the old school thing. There is something about the raw element that I like. (Home on the 20th. Hope we cross paths.)

  5. Rachel! says:

    You work that fabulousness.

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