Holga, Holga, Holga

For graduation, I received some gift cards from my nice family. Tonight I redeemed one online for a Holga camera.

You could say I am a very happy pumpkin.

This decision was motivated by the following considerations:

1. Holga-shots are almost always unpredictable. You never know what you’re gonna get. But the blurred edges and dreamy vignetting is fun. Raw beauty.

2. The film is weird and must be developed. Instant gratification is over-rated.

3. Jane Hasik is going to have a baby girl in Prague, any day now. In a matter of days I will travel there to hold baby Janers and do my happy dance. Czech celebration, baby. (Baby!)

4. Speaking of infant creations, I would also like to offer a peculiar entry in this contest for Elise Witek’s brand new album cover. (You should enter, too. And, go.)

5. Toy cameras are fun.

Please pray the mailman hurries with my bundle of fantastic plastic. My plane leaves soon.

Line me up in front of the carnival, I will take photographs.

(Photo by matteo.zaggia)

7 Responses to “Holga, Holga, Holga”
  1. tomdurkin1 says:

    good choise! thanks for dropping by and leaving some comments on my site. All the best with your holga experience. Please call again soon 🙂

  2. ajn says:

    you know what i have to do now, don`t you?

  3. Whitney says:

    Wow, I love that picture! =)
    Have fun in Prague!

  4. Melissa says:

    please post pics of baby janers when you meet her!! 🙂

  5. Rachel! says:

    Holga’s have unpredictable outcomes because they are ghetto/not air tight, exposing the precious film. Just a little piece of nerdy information for your adventure.

    Postscript: I can’t believe Jane is having a baby.

  6. Jenelle says:

    I like you. And I embrace the ghetto fabulous.

  7. Hi, I’m very pleased you linked to my photo 🙂
    I hope you’re having great time with your holga!


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