And the Muxtape Winner Is / Side [B] Has Arrived

Back in the latter days of April, I held a contest. I made a Muxtape. A Muxtape is a virtual mixtape that others can listen to, but not steal.

I grew up making mixtapes. I’m sorry if you did not. It was way fun.

In said contest I declared that whomever could offer [Side A] the best Muxtape title would be crowned the victorious one.

I humbly submitted all twenty-something entries to a panel of kind judges.  They voted.  I went to Florida.  Three months later, we now affirmatively have a winner. (The hanging chads, they take so long to count.)

Hypnotic drum-roll, please.

Mel (the wide-eyed one) wins with her entry “uncovering the outstretched roots.” (Did you know? Mel was once a Young Life Europe intern with me. She was in Munich. I was in Portugal.)

I, the Muxtaper, have made a Side [B] mix in your honor, Mel. Here it is. Enjoy. All of you non-Mels out there may also listen, if you so desire.

I named this one. (Ok, it was really Rainer Maria.) I get a real kick out of historically long titles.

Mel, I will be slipping the hard-copy mix of both Side [A] and [B] in the mail for you, as promised. Well done, good and faithful one.

2 Responses to “And the Muxtape Winner Is / Side [B] Has Arrived”
  1. Melissa says:

    I feel so ueber-special to have my title words on the side A of a nelly muxtape!! 🙂 I can’t wait to get a copy in the mail! Will you please send a “A for effort” copy to the other contestant for me? I think they deserve it too.

  2. teeveebee says:

    The titles are lovely, poetic, really. Thanks for sharing.

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