Uncovering Dinosaurs

After flying the red-eye from LAX, I’m back in La Plata with the family again. Last night Ma, Dad, Anthony, and Zeppe the puppy stood outside on our street with me as we watched the fireworks.

The outside air is thick with legendary Maryland humidity. Inside the air is thick with a joy of oh-good-we’re-all-together-again.

To make Mama happy, I am clearing out my old closet. I found my old G3 iBook laptop, Lucy, with the broken screen that Apple said would cost loads to fix. I’m sending her in to Cashforlaptops.com and they’re giving me $65 for her. Hooray.

I also found my 10 year old dinosaur Toshiba Satellite laptop. It was a high school graduation gift from Ma and Dad. They said if I got a good college scholarship, they’d get me a laptop. Laptops were uber-luxuries in those days of the infant internet.

On that old laptop, every time I wanted to play my “high-tech” CDs while typing, I had to manually change out the floppy-disk drive (what’s that?) with the CD-rom drive.

The desktop photo is still a 10 year old picture of Karin and Linford from Over the Rhine.

Somethings don’t change.

One Response to “Uncovering Dinosaurs”
  1. Melissa says:

    a decade old photo of Karin and Linford: that’s classic. 🙂

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