I’ve Lately Wondered if I Should Get Re-Baptized…

Adult baptism was a dramatic event in the early church. After a lengthy period of study and fasting, the new Christian would be, in the darkness of Easter morning, stripped naked and fully immersed before being reclothed in new white garments–a symbol of death to the old life and birth to the new.

–William Placher, ed. Essentials of Christian Theology, ch. 6.

One Response to “I’ve Lately Wondered if I Should Get Re-Baptized…”
  1. john heasley says:

    I grew up in church and with God and was baptised at about the age of 11, in my late teens, I went my own way for about 14-15 years and it is only in the last 2 years that I have again committed my life to Jesus and really been filled with His spirit, I sometimes think about getting baptised again, but, I don’t know, is there a need? probably not, but,but, but ?????? In relation to that, my 12 year old son has decided to get baptised this coming Sunday, I wouldn’t say he has been fasting or studying and I nor he would really want to be going for the whole naked thing.

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