Dancing Three-Year Old Upon Arrival, A MOS Review

Happy days in barista land, where on Friday I served as quasi-manager for the day at the shop. The highest perk of “womaning” the coffee shop a la’ solo is usurping the power to shift the musical atmosphere. I figure that a little Over the Rhine, new Mates of State, and old Radiohead is good for the place. This is all very timely, because the every day jazz explosion has been killing me softly.

One of our younger customers gave a pointed approval of the new Mates of State record, Re-arrange us. The three-year old heard the happy beats of track number 5, “Jigsaw,” and began dancing upon arrival. Her Mama then wisely joined in.

I raised smiling high eyebrows from across the counter, and we all giggled.

I was going to give a review of Re-arrange us, but the insta-dancing of the three-year old sums it all up. The little one proceeded to enjoy our cranberry-grape juice, incidentally.

All this feels very appropriate for the lawfully wedded Mates of State duo of Kori and Jason, who takes their toddler on tour with them. Such rocker ‘rents, they are.

2 Responses to “Dancing Three-Year Old Upon Arrival, A MOS Review”
  1. Melissa says:

    I’m lovin’ it! (both the mates of state AND the rockin’ three-year-old. ) hey nellers can we plan a phone date soon?

  2. Rachel! says:

    I hope my husband and I are that cool. Or atleast have great glasses.

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