“Suddenly Everything Has Changed”

I am almost twenty eight and one half years old. I’ve realized some things have changed, these days.

+ I have learned how nice it is to go to sleep early. I find that I dream in technicolor more when I do that. My dreams are such a riot that I don’t really bother watching television.

+ I am slowly turning into an extrovert. Lately I’m finding that I would rather do homework with friends, even if that means I get less done. And for as much as I do draw energy from time alone–particularly from the luxurious sunny bike rides I get to take every day–sometimes I wish someone would ride their bike next to me.

+ I finally have a consistent system for making sense of money. I have it down to three things: [Give], [Save], [Pay]. With each paycheck, I send a clear percentage to each of those three spheres. For the last six months I’ve been able to faithfully stick to my system. (This has been liberating.) It has taught me to live on as little as possible (while learning to receive the generosity of others), so that as I pay down debts, one day I’ll be able to [Give] away more than I [Pay]. (A life-goal, of sorts.)

+ Today I have exceptional, enduring friends who do not like the things I like! I never would’ve thought this possible in my early twenties. I think I am growing up.

+ Music is becoming for me something that I can simply enjoy, rather than it needing to be an affair of helping people “know me,” by way of constantly sharing my playlists. For this reason, I have made far less mix-tapes/CDs than I have in former years. I think I am becoming more comfortable in my own tastes. I do, however, still enjoy sharing some things. But I no longer need to psychotically convince you that Beirut’s quasi-gypsy music is wonderful, that Bjork is an avant-pop genius, or that Danielson is a smarter teacher than your pastor probably is.

2 Responses to ““Suddenly Everything Has Changed””
  1. Melissa says:

    jenelly – you make me smile and laugh out loud! 🙂 i just want to say that whenever you feel the need to psychotically send out playlists, you can put me at the top of the list! 🙂 (yes i totally love them)

    ps – growing up is hard, but there are days when i like it too… and the bit that has to do with money is humbling and liberating all at the same time. i hear ya sista.

    thanks for being you.

  2. When you become Dr. Nelly you can hand out playlists with PhD authority 🙂 Of course, we already know that you have an honorary PhD in Good Taste in Music.

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