Narrow Stairs

There are only a small handful of records that I would purchase within the first week of its release. There are far fewer still that I’d venture to buy on its release day. Narrow Stairs is one of them, just out today. It may not be as epic as Transatlanticism or Plans was as a whole, but Narrow Stairs has some pretty phenomenal singles.

I don’t care what the hipsters say about Death Cab selling out. I don’t buy it. They are excellent songwriters and storytellers, and they’ve written some of the catchiest melodies the radio has never heard. They’ve come a long way from We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes. But tracks from that record in 2000 still spins tight around my memories of university and Baltimore. It was a soundtrack for my late night papers on dead poets and Derrida and how “IM-speak” is ruining the English language. And for those late nights at the ineffable Paper Moon Diner on 29th street and for Kisling’s wings in Canton. Those were good days.

You may stream Narrow Stairs for free here, at least for now.

p.s. Muxtape watchers, the votes will be counted yet, and Side [B] will soon emerge.

4 Responses to “Narrow Stairs”
  1. elizabeth says:

    i almost bought it last night, but it’s $12.99 on itunes! why?!?

  2. Jenelle says:

    The souped-up version (with a bunch of needless videos) is $12.99 on iTunes. I bought the simple one for $9.99 on iTunes. It’s there!

  3. thejoyyear says:

    Those were good times. Honestly, I was actually shedding a few tears over them this morning. Thanks for being the best college roomie a gal could ask for.

  4. Jenelle says:

    Sarah and your joy year,
    You were a large reason those years were so enjoyable. Thanks for being you.

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