La La La La Plata, MD

Well, after my coast-to-coast flight I was welcomed home to La Plata by a fluffy new member of the family: Zeppe the Bichon Frise. Like all D’Alesandros, Zeppe (American for “Giuseppe,” Italian for “Joseph”) is a most excellent hugger. Forget the snuggly ideals of “lap dog,” Zeppe is more like a “shoulder dog.”

Mama Rose said he sniffed my bedroom door at least three times this morning, before I emerged. Yes, dear Mama, who can be found amply using the affectionate declaration, oh-you’re-such-a-good-boy! without any need of the “d” in “good,” just like a former New Yorker would. (Fuggedaboutit.)

I’m fairly certain this puppy is fulfilling their existential need for grandchildren at the moment.

I was pleased to find Papa Joe a recent convert to the lovely la la la’s of Yael Naim (“I just know you’re gonna love this song I bought on iTunes, honey”), thanks to Apple’s choices in advert music. He really likes the happy-voiced Feist, too. I think this is all quite progressive for a guy who grew up on the not-so-light-hearted wiles of Zeppelin and Jethro Tull.

We’re enjoying fresh bread from the Amish in Saint Mary’s County, and I’m doing all the laundry that I brought home from California. I’m looking forward to hanging out with my little bro, Anthony, tonight. Mama is telling me anecdote upon anecdote of my new puppy brother, too. We’re all here!

One Response to “La La La La Plata, MD”
  1. wanda says:

    Oh how cute your new little “brother” is! How is Anthony now that he is middle child?

    You are in my thoughts and prayers often JOP!

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