I Listen to Music Too Loud

I’m in the library, with the iPod in ear. I’m getting work done, flying along like a good little girl, and not one, but two people politely ask if I can “please turn the music down?” It is true. I listen to music loud. And I’m not ashamed. Trying to be helpful, I moved down a few cubicles from civilization. But then a different friend walked over and reluctantly said the residual music was also distracting her. Oh dear. All this while I’m having serious Coachella-envy for those going to the desert festival this weekend.

My iPod earbuds have been buzzing like weirdos ever since I dropped them in my coffee at Java Jones. This called for a Friday-gift-to-me. (Important every once in a while, right?)

The nice robots at Overstock.com showed me some hot refurbished Sony MDR-NC6 noise-canceling headphones, at over half the retail price. I thought of the summer jet-engine-roar and nabbed them. Good thing I got paid for that 100+ page editing job today.

All you smart, savvy, techno-people out there, does this mean my new Sony headphones will also cancel the music to the (awfully) quiet studying-folk around me? I’m not very good with the science of things.

Well, at least now I can walk around campus with big headphones around my neck on certain sassy days. No one will know if I’m mocking hipsters, or trying to be one.

2 Responses to “I Listen to Music Too Loud”
  1. Melissa says:

    i think you are a totally hip hipster, nelly. rock those headphones. 🙂
    love you

  2. Jesse says:

    nelly! i love you and i miss you SO SO SO SO SO SO SO much!

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