Yes, Mama, I’m Getting Plenty of Liquids

I have been in bed with the stomach bug for a the last two days or so.  No one particularly likes buggies.  I am resting a lot, and reading a lot, and trying to catch up on my work a lot.  And saltines are my friend.

3 Responses to “Yes, Mama, I’m Getting Plenty of Liquids”
  1. Oh so sorry. Get well little Nellster.

    BTW, Heather just said, “It’s no fair that Jenelle lives with the Kleins!”

    Are you sure our place is too far for you to commute to Fuller?

  2. Sue says:

    Yes, we have the Bordens to thank for the introducing of you, Nelly, to us, and are we ever grateful!!

    I just think this Pasadena place should be quite down the street from yours, dear Bordens, so we could all celebrate life together while seeking to follow the amazing Jesus we know and love!!!

    You, sweet Nelly, have good friends to bring you soup in a bread bowl and flowers while you are buggy. 🙂

  3. virgomonkey says:

    Sorry to hear about the bug you caught, I hope you set him free. 😉

    Feel better soon. And by the way, I love crackers when I get sick too!

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