San Fran Break-Fast

Well, after about twelve weeks of my travel fast, I’m taking off for a weekend in San Francisco. I’ve never been to the fair city. I am excited.

I’m also excited that the two books that I read ahead for classes happen to be the very two books in which ten pages of papers are due next week!  I will type my heart out in funkadelic coffee shops in San Fran this afternoon. I’ll crank them out while I’m waiting for dear Cari to get off of work at the hospital were she’s interning (the one she’s carefully catalogued with little heart-ripping poems).

I love the freedom to get on a $39 flight to a new city, take the subway to some coffee shop or three, and put my feet up in wait for a friend. This is living. This is Spring Break, a bit delayed.

Will try to send photos if I’m feeling photo snappy.

One Response to “San Fran Break-Fast”
  1. welcome to the city. this is where we spent our engagement. so nice.

    have so much fun!

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