Leafy and Feeling Powerful!


I am turning over one of those new proverbial leafy things. It is the first week of the Spring quarter at Fuller. I am taking a full load of classes, while working 25-30 hours each week. And so, before classes even started, I talked myself into finishing almost two of the many books required for this quarter. My, being significantly ahead makes me feel so strong and powerful!

This morning was outstandingly slow at the Espresso Bar. So I hid behind the counter trying to finish Niebuhr’s classic Christ and Culture for Dr. Mouw’s class that starts Wednesday.

Three-shot-cappuccino-with-just-a-little-foam-Lady saw the book cover and sarcastically quipped,

“Just a bit of light reading for your day? Throw in a little Buddha and Gandhi and you got yourself a party.” I laughed.

Then she said, with a sort of faux philosophical pomp that I loved:

“If I were writing the paper it’d be pretty short. I’d write: ‘Jesus had a pretty big influence.’ That stuff is too heavy for me. That’s why I’m just a lawyer.”

She said it as she made her dramatic exit towards the big courthouse, and I grinned inwardly at how I used to think I wanted to be a big and powerful lawyer lady.

5 Responses to “Leafy and Feeling Powerful!”
  1. “Jesus had a pretty big influence.” Priceless!

    You are amazing for reading ahead of time!!


  2. Melissa says:

    you make me smile… 🙂

  3. Beth says:

    Oh man, “Christ and Culture.” I was assigned this in about 3 seminary classes.

  4. Sue says:

    Oh Nelly…We love you! Express Yourself is just the right name for a coffee shop that is so lucky to have you!! 🙂
    WOOHOO to you for your early reading!! You are ready!! Big powerful lawyer lady…look out!

  5. thejoyyear says:

    It’s wild imagining you in a power suit

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