Jesse Borden is Twenty-One!


Though others have properly celebrated him here, and in motherly ways here, I also wanted to add in my celebratory comments for Jesse’s 21st birthday. Jesse is a great younger brother. He runs after God in a big, hearty ways. His hugs are healing. And his manner is so calming. I met him in the first week I moved to Portugal at a worship gathering in his living room. He was barely a sixteen year old chap, that year! Yes, he was dreadless then, but he was endlessly deep in things of the Spirit. Jesus is all braided into Jesse and we like it that way.

It is very lovely of Father this year to send Jesse to Belize for a semester abroad. And it is even more lovely that there is such a thing as Skype, that I could talk to the fresh twenty-one year old in real time on his day!

Happy birthday, brother.

3 Responses to “Jesse Borden is Twenty-One!”
  1. Fun to come home from our team retreat and that you and Elise have been celebrating Jesse. So nice!


  2. Sue says:

    Yes…we like it that way!

    Jesus is all braided into Jesse and we like it that way.
    Well said! 🙂

  3. Jesse Borden says:

    There are a lot of Jesse Borden’s. More that i expected. Kind of scary, since my name is Jesse Borden too….. I am also 21.

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