Unpicked, Day twelve.


I was torn on day twelve, because I really wanted to post this photo of my room, but the sunset that evening was just too nice. I took this particular photo to point out a few things:

1. Boxes from your new printer and iMac plus colorful Portuguese scarves make for fast, good, cheap shelves.
2. Those “in” and “out” boxes have terrifically helped me to organize my life. I dressed up the “in” with my luggage stickers to trick me into having a fondness towards my to-do list.
3. Oh! The flowers outside my window are so gentle and kind.
4. I’m still trying to figure out how to use that combination Schwinn-lock that Dad and Anthony gave me for Christmas. (I am slightly pathetic with such put-me-together things.) I’ve been using a good U-lock in the meantime.
5. Those library books on African theologies and the unseen powers were pretty fantastic. I got an A on the paper, Mama.
6. Dan Klein gave me a fountain pen for Christmas, and I’m using the cool package to keep my lip-glosses safe. (Yes, my lip gloss is hot. My lip gloss is poppin.)
7. My old Earl Grey tea cannister beats a junk drawer.
8. That amazing red tin box that Jane sent from Prague houses the credit cards that I’m trying to forget that I have.
9. It is nicer to live in a room that is somewhat clean. I wish I’d figured this out earlier in life.
10. True, I look like a wannabe hipster when I wear that pink headband at the gym. But it is functional. Keeps the fringe from my eyes. And it reminds me to laugh at myself. This is good.

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