Unpicked, Day seven.


I was wandering through the Fuller library on day seven, and this group of books felt like an appropriate parody of Christian education.  Perhaps we need a better paradigm of what it means to educate the whole self, rather than just engaging the mind.  That was, in part, what led to the real photo on day seven.  The other part was a confession of the inner-disparity I was feeling.

2 Responses to “Unpicked, Day seven.”
  1. Agent B says:

    Great photo.

    Christian education (and it’s accompanying parodies) …that could be an entire blog – christianeducationparodies.blogspot.com

    Maybe we could co-author that.

    Here in the fair mother city, we know christians and their education all too well. For a remote city in the desert of 120,000, we have THREE privately funded universities – each associated with a different denomination (baptist, methodist and church of christ).

    Their parodies make our skyline – literally. Their territories and boundaries are verbally subtle, yet physically blunt.

    My latest mental rant, that has yet to reach the internet until this here comment…

    Christian education and debt.

    If christ lead a university, would he really have students graduate with $60K debt and higher?

    OK, that’s off my chest. So how are you Jenelle? Always enjoy your words (& photos)…

  2. Beth says:

    That is a great shot. I’m sure I could find the exact same scene both literally and metaphorically a few yards from my office at Gordon Conwell.

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