It Might Be An Urban Legend, But

Recently a health-conscious friend made a bold declaration to me:

“Every hour that you go to sleep before midnight counts as two hours!  Your body was meant to rest when it is dark and wake when it is light.”

I like the idea of living with the rhythms of the Earth.  So, I’ve been trying out this earlier-to-bed, earlier-to-wakey thing.  (Not too much, but well, you know, just enough.)  Perhaps it is totally psychological and I am foolheartedly believing in hip urban legends, but I tend to think my healthy-friend is right.

Tonight I am retiring at 10:00pm.  Since this is so uncharacteristically me, I just thought I’d confess it.

6 Responses to “It Might Be An Urban Legend, But”
  1. Melissa says:

    I agree with your healthy friend too. I’ve been trying to this too for a few weeks. I’ve not been very successful every day with it, but the days that I am, I feel better, generally. 🙂

  2. Sara says:

    But Jenelle, I live in Stockholm. Living by the rising and setting of the sun up here isn’t the same game as your more “mainstream” latitude 😉 Although I am certainly not in opposition to you going to bed earlier, I don’t think it’s fair to relate this (I’d say “old wives’ tale” rather than “urban legend”) to the rhythms of the earth…Or were Swedish bodies meant to never sleep in the summer and to hibernate like bears in the winter? Or were human bodies not meant to migrate outside of a certain distance from the equator?
    And as I am now tarnishing my “lurker” status anyway (although I could make a strong case that you “lurk” from Italy roommate group emails), I’ll take this opportunity to say that I also very much enjoyed your February photos. Imagine if we had had digital cameras back in the Roma days! Ciao bella, S.

  3. cari says:

    Think in the morning.
    Act in the afternoon.
    Read in the evening.
    Sleep at night.

    teach us your rhymths, mother.

  4. i like to abide by the Earth`s rules, all so.
    she is a good mother, you know.

  5. thejoyyear says:

    this is a lot of change for you. No travel, no blogging, no late bedtimes. But, I guess you said it’s your addiction. That could be your March project: no changes. What the heck would that look like? Let’s talk soon.

  6. Jenelle says:

    @ Melissa,
    One snooze button at a time, love.

    @ Sara,
    Now THAT is what I call a lurker coming out of the closet! My have I missed you. Only you could leave me such a smart and sassy reply and get away with it. Kinda reminds me of those sassy-renditions of Mary we used to study in Rome, on the Annunciation. It makes me happy to think of you in Europe, again. Do you realize we were in Rome together as mere babes in ’99?

    @ Cari,
    Did you write that? You are writing things lately that deserve to be in books/articles.

    @ Shell-collector girl,
    I do agree. I think you make Mother proud.

    @ thejoyyear
    Well…My travel fast will soon end, and so did my blogging one. I think I have a good argument for these all being healthy-changes, a bit of holy restraint, you could say. Yes, let’s talk soon.

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