All February Considered

My, that was fun! I must say, using a simple little camera to communicate all throughout February was a unique new challenge. It was far more fun than I expected.

Historically, I get bored with new projects at about the fifth day. So, it truly surprised me that I didn’t give up after week one to start some other feverish blog-project. I think I am addicted to change. Oh dear.

I’m slowly learning that there is enormous value in sticking with something for about a month’s time.

I want to start living my life in a series of month-long experiments. In January it was a 10-week travel fast (of which I’m going strong into week 9). February it was the photos. Perhaps I’ll give some trumpeted announcement for March as soon as I can narrow it down from my 33 different ideas.

All February long I felt that this was an appropriate blog Rest. I’ve decided that I’m going to do a photo-a-day-thingee every seventh month.

“For six months you shall blog your heart out, and on the seventh you shall rest. And God will see it, and it will be good.”

So we’ll see the camera again in September, if I’ve got my math right.

2 Responses to “All February Considered”
  1. R Sampson says:

    It was wonderful following your daily pictures. I definitely think it’s a project worth repeating. Beijinhos, Rxxx

  2. it’s so cool what you’re learning at Fuller about digging the real meaning out of scriptural texts!


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