day thirteen (also, photo-synchroblog)


Also, check out other interesting photos today,
from the global Synchroblog team:

Phil Wyman at Phil Wyman’s Square No More
Billy Calderwood at Billy Calderwood
Sam Norton at Elizaphanian
Sally Coleman at Eternal Echoes
Mike Bursell at Mike’s Musings
Julie Clawson at One Hand Clapping
Steve Hayes at Notes from the Underground
Sonja Andrews at Calacirian
David Fisher at Be the Revolution
Erin Word at Decompressing Faith
KW Leslie at The Evening of Kent
Paul Walker at Out of the Cocoon
Reba Baskett at In Reba’s World

5 Responses to “day thirteen (also, photo-synchroblog)”
  1. sally says:

    link changed- I love this shot- two pictures in one, and very peaceful!

  2. Steve says:

    Finally got the right link!

    Do you swing into that frame thing with a clunk?

  3. thejoyyear says:

    Did you stumble upon this composition or create it? Either way, adorable.

  4. Jenelle says:

    Sarah, of the joy year,
    I sit on the tree-swing almost daily. It is in our front yard. I did stumble on the broken frame, however. It was also sitting in the front yard, a victim of the children’s play, I think.

    It made me happy (at about 6:30am that morning) to put the two together.

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