Before we commence with the non-written February, let me tell you about Sosauce. Sosauce is the newest, hippest, most-thoughtful social networking platform yet. It combines elements of blogging, travel-logging, photo-sharing, and networking, and is focused on user-generated content.  Unlike Myspace/Facebook, Sosauce majors on people sharing good stories–stories that will provoke us to live differently. It just launched a week or so ago.

If you’d like to keep up with my writing in February, my Sosauce journal will be featured on the site’s front page over the next few months. This is a nice new writing project. It’s a bit less personal than a blog, but still an honest peek into my life. The journal is entitled, Cycling Out of the Plastic: A Girl Biking Towards Simplicity in Los Angeles. I’ll be posting once or twice a week. You don’t have to join Sosauce to read. But why wouldn’t you join? Get it while it’s hot.

FYI, Sosauce is offering this rad “make us think” photography contest. The grand prize? $400 JetBlue gift card and $100 to give towards the social cause of your choice.

One Response to “So-Saucey”
  1. Jamie says:

    So happy to hear your positive feedbacks! Please enjoy the site and tell us how we can improve it whenever you have any thoughts! =)

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