So Unconcernedly Still and Wide


These days I am finding that the Spirit talks to me just as loudly through old poets as through ancient Scripture. I wrote this down a few days before the New year, as I re-read Letters to a Young Poet. There is so much that we are waiting for, but there is no measuring with time.

(I do hope you can read my handwriting.)

4 Responses to “So Unconcernedly Still and Wide”
  1. Sue says:

    I want to be patient. Beauty is found in the soul that is there as though eternity lay before them. May we slow down in the fast paced lane of life,..or better yet, get out of the way and walk on the sidewalk and seek peace.

  2. cari says:

    I love the way he always writes of ripening–“even when we do not desire it, G-d is ripening…” and so many other lines…

    Did I tell you my friend Amanda gave me Book of Hours (Love Poems to God) for Christmas? I’ve been devouring each one, but slowly (I am still not halfway through!) to enjoy them.

    So I was thinking, maybe we can talk on my birthday (Wednesday), eh?

  3. Pam says:

    this blessed my weary soul today. bless you!

  4. Melissa says:

    This is not the first time I have thought, “I need to get that book.” Yeah. I really need to get that book.

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