Hold the Phones (Again) + Apples of Gold

Hold the phones (again) people! My dear friend, Sarah Painter Constable, is now blogging her way through life in New York City. The brilliant actor-woman herself has already even posted some pre-screened movie reviews to help you decide what is worth your time in 2008. Check out her stuff: The Joy Year.

This only strengthens my theory that lurkers are lovely because they turn into bloggers.

Sarah was my roommate through most of college, and is a life-long friend. She is also–probably unknown to her–largely responsible for making me enjoy running.

It was 2002, and she and I were at the UMBC gym, totally hijacking our use of the facilities, since we’d already graduated months earlier and were now supposed to “pay.” I was on the treadmill, trying to pretend that I enjoyed running. (Mix CDs helped. These were pre-iPod days, kids.) I didn’t. I hated it.

Having studied the Alexander Technique extensively, and being so natural in using her body as a tool for art, Sarah said something to me that I’ve often re-played in my mind.

“When you run, you are very well-connected with your body. You seem comfortable in it.”

She probably doesn’t know how much life she was speaking into me then, and even, now. I still sometimes hear the voice of that boy in seventh grade who, after I so-awkwardly ran the mile, laughed at me as he said, “Oh! You are such a terrible runner!”

But now when I hear his voice I insert Sarah’s instead. I think that’s how redemption works.

“A word fitly spoken Is like apples of gold in network of silver.”
Proverbs 25:11 (ASV)


One Response to “Hold the Phones (Again) + Apples of Gold”
  1. thejoyyear says:

    Aw, I never did know that. That makes me feel good.

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