Resolutions for You, 2008


In an effort to live more transparently, I offer you the resolutions/goals that I’ve finally settled on for this year. Have you any of your own? Give me the link or the list…

1. Run in a race that I have no business running in. Train, enjoy, laugh a lot at myself.

2. Audit as many classes at Fuller as possible (for $0), and pretend that I am taking it for credit (normally +$1200). My current class = Theology of Africa, Asia, Latin America (Dr. Dyrness and Dr. Peacore).

3. Pay down 35% of my total debt (hello, undergrad/graduate loans.)

4. Take real steps towards building community around me here in Pasadena.

5. Double my professional writing/editing work by June 2008. (Friend of #3)

6. Design a simple + cute + professional website for my writing/editing stuff.

7. Seek out wise mentors for the many different areas of my life.

8. Follow through on the things I tell people that I’ll do. (You know, letting my yes be yes and no, no.)

9. Finish my Bible-in-a-year (TNIV) plan. The one I started in June 2007.

10. Live/Memorize Psalm 119. (Also unfinished from 2007.)

(Photo by Voetmann)

2 Responses to “Resolutions for You, 2008”
  1. john heasley says:

    Great list, love transparency. I hope you succeed. This year I want to change my job, my house and my kids. I don’t want to trade my kids in, just work on their view of the world and our relationships.

  2. Melissa says:

    I like your list. I think you already saw mine on the ol’ blog. I have decided to sign up for a 5k in March. This is added to my list. I want to learn to run, and learn to enjoy it. It seems impossible, but methinks I can do it.

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