Woman vs. Machine/I Will Change Your Name, You Shall No Longer Be Called

I do enjoy the brand new Leopard operating system. I do not enjoy that my Mail application will not (all of a sudden) send my mail.

I should confess, when something on my Mac is acting fishy, I am a bit like that fatherly-type lost in suburbia, so awfully unwilling to make a quick stop to ask for directions. I try to fix the fishy myself.

At least as I do my ritual super-skimming of the Mac geek forums, I learn something along the way. I enjoy that part.

I do not, however, enjoy that it is still not fixed. I wish I’d called Apple Support hours ago.

However, I think God is trying to talk to me. Apparently he can even talk through this wacky Mail 3.1 app with the fishy-bugs. I’m not certain how, but when I wasn’t looking, my first name got changed in my address book. I think I was supposed to notice.


8 Responses to “Woman vs. Machine/I Will Change Your Name, You Shall No Longer Be Called”
  1. May the Joy of the Lord be your strength, be thankful and profoundly glad that you don’t own a Dell or a pc! mac’s are of the Lord.

  2. joy says:

    i’ve been slightly convinced lately that God talks through pretty much anything. just my experience the last few days….

  3. Oh happy, happy! Happy that Jenelle-Joy is my friend and that God speaks through anything he darn well feels like, and oh, just that even though I am way over here, I get to hear of this funny incident and I get to laugh to read that Brian says “Macs are of the Lord.” Do you know we had 5 Macs between the 6 of us in our house over the holidays? Ha ha ha!

  4. rachelbowers says:

    And I especially love that you created a label called “macs are sexy.” : )

  5. rachelbowers says:

    or apples are sexy, i mean.

  6. Melissa says:

    Joy is a good alternate name… 🙂

  7. joy…like a baby spider perched in the corner of some pig`s stable.

  8. Steve Hayes says:

    I hate it when computers do that!

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