Raise Your Hand If You’re Happy


My iBook, Pearl, is quite sick. Since before Christmas she’s been at the throes of the-not-booting-up-cancer. The Apple doctors aren’t sure when surgery will begin. But my work needed a working computer two weeks ago. So, I found her a companion. His name is Adam. He is tough.

I didn’t really expect to walk out of the Apple store with a desktop. But the iMac was a much better deal, for the money. Needed to use that marvelous educational discount before I graduate.

I discovered the joys of video chat today. The little mirror image of me reveals that I talk from the side of my mouth far too much. Oh dear me.

8 Responses to “Raise Your Hand If You’re Happy”
  1. Agent B says:

    The family & I will have to arrange a video chat thingy with you.

    We have a mac w/ camera etc, but only one family member to chat with.

  2. Jenelle says:

    Yes, Agent B. Sounds like a plan.

  3. Rachel says:

    PS. I didn’t notice the talking out of the side of your mouth thing, but when I saw you before Christmas I did notice that you do a new thing with your “r’s.” They’re very elegant sounding these days.

  4. Jesse says:

    YES YES YES! he looks beautiful!
    ill see you in a about 15 days or so!
    much much love!

  5. thejoyyear says:

    I hope staying at the Mac Store on Jackson Ave didn’t tempt you:/ We will have to video chat some day soon.

  6. oh happy day! now you will REALLY kick even more butt than ever!

    my “older” mac laptop (which is the home school mac now) has a little issue that i hope is not going to bring her down. she is pre-magnet cord hook-up think and some small girls that we all know and love tripped on her cord and she had a bit of a crash to the floor. sadness. but i think she will continue to make us proud for quite a while. dear me! we need her around here!

  7. wess says:

    I love the new imacs, we’ve got an older one — a G5 — and it’s quite good. The new ones are a huge step up from them, so you’ve got quite a score.

  8. cari says:

    Nelly, you do totally talk out the side of your mouth! I forgot. How are you doing? I miss you, friend. You should write me.

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