Lurk Your Heart Out


I have many reasons why I like lurkers. They go about their own business, reading when they can, smiling at their computer screens. They have real names and faces and stories.

“Lurkers” are those folk who read blogs, but never comment or indicate that they are reading. It is not a negative term, as you might think. Do not be alarmed, A lurker is not the same as a peeper.

Mostly though, I like lurkers because they often turn into bloggers.

It happens gradually, you know. First you might find yourself wanting to leave a comment. Then, you manage to get your comment posted. Then, you start thinking of little things you might write “if you had a blog.”

Then the devil, disguised as your inner censor, jumps in and says, “No one will read your silly blog.” Or, “You’ll never have time to write anything.”

But lurker, I believe in you. I do.

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5 Responses to “Lurk Your Heart Out”
  1. Raquel Sampson says:

    hmmmm…. I have a few blogs that I look at regularly, I never post a comment though… so I guess that would make me a first class lurker. Hehe. I only discovered your blog today but somehow it struck a cord in me and made me make the shift from pure lurker to reader/comment writer, and now I have posted my first comment in blog space history! Hope you’re well. Enjoy your holidays. Rxxx

  2. I was a lurker once, but now I am set free

  3. thejoyyear says:

    It’s funny, but I guess it’s true:/

  4. Jenelly – you crack me up! And, I will say that I am cold hard proof that lurkers DO turn into bloggers! 🙂 Thanks for luring my lurker’s heart into blogdom. I still lurk, even now. I too love lurkers. 🙂 Yes.

    Twas wonderful to talk with you today. Too short, but sweet all the same! Lets do it again soon.

  5. nelly.

    i want to start a blog. i have actually made a couple of them but i never like the titles i come up with. and i never like the formatting i try to do for the way it looks.

    i need your guidance : )

    i miss you. im glad we got to talk the other night. sorry it was cut so short. im trying really hard to be able to be honest and talk over the phone, (and just simply to be honest and talk about my heart in general). im getting better. but its still hard, i freeze up or something.

    i really care about you. God is bringing beautiful things for our friendship next semester : )
    (i really was only going to comment on the fact that i want to start a blog then all this came out).

    i hope your christmas was wonderful. i got my wisdom teeth out. it was/ is silly.
    wish you were here. there is over a foot of snow on the ground (and still coming).

    all my love,

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