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Redeeming the Season is the Topic for this month’s SynchroBlog. Now there are a variety of seasons being celebrated at the end of each year from Christmas to Hannukah to Eid al-Adha and Muharram, from the Winter Solstice to Kwanzaa and Yule. Some people celebrate none of these seasonal holydays, and do so for good reason. Below is a variety of responses to the subject of redeeming the season. From the discipline of simplicity, to uninhibited celebration, to refraining from celebrating, to celebrating another’s holyday for the purpose of cultural identification the subject is explored. Follow the links below to “Redeeming the Season.” For more holidays to consider see here –Phil Wyman, Synchroblog King.

I will be posting my little Synchroblog entry this afternoon (PST). It will be entitled, There’s something about Mary. In the meantime, check out the smart things the other synchrobloggers are saying about the season.

Recapturing the Spirit of Christmas at Adam Gonnerman’s Igneous Quill
Swords into Plowshares at Sonja Andrew’s Calacirian
Fanning the Flickering Flame of Advent at Paul Walker’s Out of the Cocoon
Lainie Petersen at Headspace
Sam Norton at Elizaphanian
Brian Riley at at Charis Shalom
Secularizing Christmas at
Geocentric Versus Anthropocentric Holydays at Phil Wyman’s Square No More
Celebrating Christmas in a Pluralistic Society at Matt Stone’s Journeys in Between
The Ghost of Christmas Past at Erin Word’s Decompressing Faith
Redeeming the season — season of redemption by Steve Hayes
Remembering the Incarnation at Alan Knox’ The Assembling of the Church
A Biblical Response to a Secular Christmas by Glenn Ansley’s Bad Theology
Happy Life Day at The Agent B Files

5 Responses to “Synchroblog Today”
  1. hello nelly

    would you do me a favor and let me in on topics for synchroblogs ahead of time in case i have the time to think/write about such? thanks.

    me, on my mama’s birthday 🙂

  2. Adam G. says:

    Looking forward to your post rather than a 404 error message. BTW, your link for Matt Stone’s blog in the synchroblog list is not working at all.

  3. Bryan Riley says:

    Ditto Gonnerman… Phil did a good job writing the intro, however. 🙂

  4. Jenelle says:

    Hello Lisa,
    Yes, ma’am, I will. I’m sorry. I’ve hardly had time to write on this one myself, as you can see with my late post. But I should’ve thought of that with your recent post on Mary. Missing you.

  5. Jenelle says:

    @ Adam G and Bryan Riley,
    I know, I know. I mucked the link thing all up, on all fronts. I hope I’ve fixed it now. Thanks!

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